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In early 2020, Alyson joined forces with rock guitarist, composer and musical director, Tony Bruno, to co-create and co-produce a new musical fusion show, ROCK ME AMADEUS - LIVE!,that combines the classics from different centuries and musical genres. It brings the grandeur of symphonic classical music, the opulence of opera and the powerful emotions and nostalgia of rock and pop songs into one electrifying experience. The show  blends an all-star cast of rock, pop and classical vocalists and instrumentalists with a full rock band, symphony orchestra and choir. Iconic songs from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Journey, The Police and Nirvana are paired with those of classical masters and rockstars of their day, Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, and more. Rock Me Amadeus Live takes you on an unexpected and unique musical journey, interweaving old and new, classic and modern. It is is a musical spectacle and theatrical experience that dives into a time of nostalgia with the sounds of today through an array of fun mashups and creative medleys. The show will make its debut in September 2023 at The Straz in Tampa, FL. 

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